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Polynesia - Tonga - Fiji

Tonga and Fiji

We have had a lovely time in Tonga and have now moved to Fiji where we will leave BriZo and return to the UK for a few months.

Tonga and Fiji are remarkably different, Tonga is quiet and very poor relying to an extent on world aid. There are many islands to visit but there is little on them other than a few Tongans if any. (well what do you expect).

Fiji is a mix of very quiet islands, some almost atoll like, but the main island is a little more industrious and they still harvest and export sugar. There is a mix of native Tongans and Indians originally imported labour to work the sugar and now many running businesses. There is now also a thriving tourist industry with many visitors to the main islands from New Zealand and Australia only a few hours flight away. Its low cost here - the lowest we have seen since leaving St Lucia in the Caribbean.

We really like it here - so much so we now plan to return in 2015 to visit the many outer islands. We retuned home to a glorious UK summer in June 14 and a busy period of work, cathing up with friends and family. Most importantly Logan the new Grandson was born 10 days after getting home (as planed) and we had a great time with our now 2 year old grandson Reuben. We return to Fiji in October 2014.



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