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USA to Bahamas to Puerto Rico

We met John and Jane from sister Discovery 55 Seaduced in Hampton Virginia, they had sailed down from surviving Hurricane Sandy in New Yorks Liberty Marina which we had visited earlier in the year.

Here we sat out a week while Pat and I who had already delayed our return by two weeks due to work continued to work, we also waited a weather window to break South past Cape Hatteras. Pat and I had only returned here for a week to prepare the boat for maybe a crew to take her South as a work project came to a later than expected conclusion.

A lull in both the work flow and weather allowed us to sail her South to Charleston on Saturday the 24th, 3 nights and some 411 nm later  we were in Charleston. This is a not to miss place, several people had told us and that was true, but work was back and took up another week but Pat, Jane and john managed a good look around this very historically rich area. This ended up an expensive stop as we were hit on the dock (again) by this time sea gypsy boat with no money etc etc luckily we were able to repair the Gelcoat damage to the bow within a day. We had also had problems with the VHF but managed to ship the only remaining 'International' Icom 505 left in the states in time and have it fitted before we left.

Pat and I had intended originally to sail to the Bahamas and get to Puerto Rico leave the boat and return for Xmas, but as we were running 3-4 weeks late now the difficult decision was made continue sailing South and have to miss Xmas at home, but hey there are worse places than having Xmas than the Bahamas or most likely Turks and Caicos !

We arrived in the Bahamas Cat Island on Sunday the 9th December after another break in work, the loss of our main Anchor (see blogs), 5 nights and 4 days of sailing. John and Jane had to divert to Nassau due to sail damage.  It was the quietest port of entry we had ever been to and we had to place the boat over half a mile offshore due to the shallow nature of the geography here (we were warned). But wow Blue clear water (nothing like this in the Caribbean in our experience) warm weather but as we were later to find out plenty of sharks!

We were greeted with the warmest of welcome by customs - genuine and a local who insisted on driving us the 2 miles to the shop !

Two days later we left at 3:30 am to cross 12 hours of the Exuma Sound to meet Jane and John on Seaduced at Highborne Cay to spend a couple of wonderful days at anchor. Since then we spent time at the Exuma National Park (take nothing and leave only footprints) and some memorable days at Staniel Cay before moving onto George Town for Xmas. On the 27th December we left to sail South to the Turks and Caicos arriving 29th December for New Year.

Three tough nights sailing with wind and waves on the nose to Puerto Rico followed. Into Del Rey Marina on the East coast. Where we hired a car met our son Lloyd his wife Maria and our 8 month grandson Reuben. We toured San Juan and stayed in the old city in a hotel for one night. Then back to BriZo where Reuben clocked up 80 nautical miles of sailing the Spanish Virgin Islands ! Fly home on the 15th Jan to UK for 3 weeks.


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Hampton Virginia to Charleston USA

Charleston USA to Bahamas (central), Turks and Caicos and Puerto Rico

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