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Caribbean to May 2013​ - Leewards and Haul out Antigua

Pat and I arrived back on the BriZo 3rd Jan 2013 to find the freezer hot and food off, seems the Victron charger had thrown an odd one and batteries were low enough to switch it off. Spent Sunday getting rid of the smell - not what we had planned - worked rest of the week and plenty of boat maintenance over the weekend in prep for next 4 months afloat as long as I don't need to return to work. Work kept us in Del Rey for 10 days. ​

We were able to make breakfast for John and Jane before we departed. They had just returned from their UK trip and had moored Seaduced alongside us in Del Rey Puerto Rico.

We were glad to get away from Puerto Rico to Vieques on the short 'shake down trip'.

Pats Anguilla blog gives the details of our time before this in Anguilla but we had planned to leave the Spanish Virgin Islands and visit St Croix, however while sat in Sun Bay we had a mail from friends Deborah & Simon who had crewed with us in Portugal and they were holidaying in St Martin 140nm away, so we decided to join them over the weekend by sailing the 140nm in 24 hours arriving in Anse Bay St Martin just after they arrived by ferry from Anguilla. We had a delightful weekend sailing and eating out with them in St Martin (French side). We have since moved to Anguilla (UK) for the past week​. We had visited both islands last year but only for a few days each and we have had more time to appreciate them and are thinking of spending longer on both together with St Barts before moving on South.

​Since Anguilla we spent a week in Marigot Bay in St Martin, mix of work,  getting the Water maker finally fixed (see my blog) met up with Neil and crew from Escapade we last saw in Bermuda. On the 4th March  we left for St Barts  (unique in the Caribbean as its like St Tropez but with more sunshine and bigger Yachts !) to meet Mervyn and Amanda on Aztec Dream heading in the opposite direction. We had a really great night out with them in St Barts, people literally dancing on the tables ​. (and not the last time this week). Managed to get a lot of work done and also just serviced the generator !

On Sunday spent a long day motor sailing to Antigua arriving at night we anchored outside the busy Falmouth Harbour, we have friends Sue and Rowland staying with us over a long next weekend.

Our best friends Sue and Rowland joined us for a week in Antigua and Barbuda. Great Times.


Following this Pat and I moved South via Guadeloupe to les Saintes and had a wonderfully relaxed week in these 'relaxed' French  islands.

We then moved back via Nevis meeting our friends John and Jane in Seaduced for a night to St Maarten and then Anguilla ready to meet our next set of friends Simon and Kate - where we toured St Maarten, St Barts and Anguilla for a long weekend.

Pat and I had a solid 10 days at work from the 19th April where we were based in Road Bay Anguilla.​ During may we moved to Antigua again and spent a week with my brother Chris visiting the lovely bays of 5 Islands and Non Such as well as English and Falmouth harbours.

The season is now nearly finished and its quiet so we settle in Falmouth and start to prepare for our lift out scheduled for Monday the 27th May. Its somewhat stressful as the lift out here is not an easy manouvre and soon both Glen on Sylvia and  John and Jane are out with no damage and its our turn - but all goes well and after seeing numerous contractors to organise off season works we move to the Admiral Inn for a couple of days 'relaxation' then home.

2nd Feb 2013 St Martin (Maarten), Anguilla and St Barts​ - Antigua and Barbuda then Guadeloupe and Les Saintes

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5th April2013 Nevis, St Barts, St Maarten, Anguilla and Antigua 18th May

Hurricane Season preparations and Haul-out in Antigua

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