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Panama - Galapagos

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We have moved from Panama 40 nm to the quiet Las Perlas (Panama) islands on the 31st Jan then back again to visit the hospital for a minor op. then back again to Las Perlas . Leaving here on the 7th Feb Pat and I made a 800nm 5 day ocean passage to the Galapagos islands (Ecuador) arriving on the 12th Feb and crossing the Equator, breaking ‘Limey’ on the way. We had some serious issues with the local bureaucracy on entry but that was resolved and since then have visited all three islands we are allowed to visit here. San Cristobal, where we swam with Sharks and met two friends Kay and Nigel that will join us for the next 6 weeks, Santa Cruz where we saw some of the unique land animals and now Isabela arriving on the 21st February where we will visit some of the Volcano sites.Visit the blog pages for detail.


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