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Indian Ocean Lombok to South Africa

Lombok, Christmas Island, Cocos Keeling to Mauritius

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Reunion Island to South Africa (1,350nm leg)

This was technically one of the most difficult legs of the season and maybe the entire circumnavigation. Timing is critical both around Madagascar and into the coast of South Africa due to the strong Agulhas currents and the regular potential for strong counter winds creating huge sea states. We left Reunion and quickly experienced 12 hours of acceleration zone winds damaging several yachts in the fleet, Rig and steering. Under Madagascar the winds died and a low pressure system was closing the window into South Africa fast - so we motor sailed to get in 1 day ahead of this system change - arriving safely on Friday evening the 18th November. Tow other yachts not on the fleet were not so lucky and were caught by the weather on the Sunday destroying the rig on one vessel and another had to stand off with seriously injured crew.


Cocos Keeling to Mauritius (2,400nm leg)

Left Cocos Mon 3/10 at 10:00 perfect winds throughout  although earlier swells would knock the back of BriZo around from running to wind on nose occasionally as we were reefed to apparent wind to keep the speed up. Fabulous leg - we all enjoyed our 13 day passage and the Ocean routine. We arrived Monday 17th 01:00 Cocos time into Port Louis. This was a delightful stop and we had 3 days in the South hotel when Murray and Kim joined us Murray teaching Tim to kite surf - well starting to and he did really well despite an early injury ! Next a short hop to Reunion Island some 130nm overnight starting on the 27th of October.


Christmas Island to Cocos Keeling

Getting colder as we left 22:00 Friday23rd Sept. we headed for Cocos in what we knew would be a high wind passage. Seas built quickly for 3 days of storms gusting F9 at times 52 knots seen, F8 gale and then F7 for much of the trip. One big wave swamped us at one point and took out the 12V droppers one catching fire. Tim helmed with no instruments as I fitted a replacement otherwise we were in for 3 more days of hand steering with no wind indication. All worked out and replacements ordered ! Arrived Tuesday 27th September, Cocos was like the Tuamotu's fabulous stop and glad we arrived early despite the weather as many boats hung back and missed it. 

Lombok (Indonesia) to Christmas Island (625nm)

Left on Sunday 18th September at 09:00 Light winds to start heavier later and we lost the Genoa pole overnight as the fitting broke at the mast. Squalls of up to 32knots and lots of lightening, very humid. Spotted what we thought was an open ocean rowing vessel which turned out to be small inquisitive 'fishing vessel' which appeared seemingly out of know where ! Arrived Thursday 22nd. Christmas Island somewhat disappointing and poor moorings but a good break.

Darwin to Lombok (Indonesia)

Leaving Darwin, the wind as expected soon dropped and as usual on this leg it became a 945nm motoring leg. Heading 2 degrees north it became hotter and humid.  We ran below East and West Temor then Sumba to name a few and all with few lights. The highlight on the 10th September was a large whale that swam at 90 degrees to BriZo's beam almost sure to collide but it turned and ran alongside us for a few minutes - just feet away.
In Lombok Tim Joined us, father of Imogen who in 2014 sailed on sister Discovery 55 Hebe. It will allow us to share the night shifts between hear and South Africa.


We had an interesting time in Lombok - doing a few tours and a day taxi ride around some of the Island - known for its top surf waves one of which we anchored overnight beside on our way in.














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Reunion I. to South Africa

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Richards Bay to Salvador

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