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Adventures on Brizo

Follow the adventures we have enjoyed over the seven years we have sailed Brizo.


The Build

We didn't know where we would end up, but we knew the boat we want to take us on our adventure.


Gibraltar - Canaries 2011

A short stint to reach the start of the Atlantic Arc.


USA 2012

We head up the US east Coast.

Panama canal best 2.jpg


We make our way through the Panama Canal on our way to Ocean number two.

Jack - Fiji.JPG


One of our favourite locations in the Pacific.

Vanuatu to Australia.jpg


It gets hairy at times as we head down under.



We love the island and the beautiful town of English Harbour.


Maiden Voyage

The adventure begins and we were delighted to be able to sail Brizo into our home harbour.


Atlantic 2011

We joined the Atlantic Arc to cross the Atlantic.

Image by Forest Simon


We toured the Bahamas and ended up in Puerto Rico.


To the Galapagos

The land of dragons awaits as we explore the wonders this beautiful land has to offer

Chilly New Zealand Rendevous.JPG

New Zealand

To the land of sheep and rugby. We meet family and make new friends.

Lombok leg holding page.jpg

Indian Ocean

This vast Ocean where you can feel so alone.

Fun with the pegs.jpg

Heading home

We get ready to leave the Caribbean behind, until the next time, and head back to the UK, bring Brizo home after 7 years.


Rally Portugal

We leave the UK behind us and head into the Atlantic, down Portugal and on to Gibraltar.


Caribbean 2012

We enjoy our first season in the Caribbean, soaking up the sights, sounds and meeting great friends.


Caribbean 2013

Because you can't go there just once.

Polynesia sunset.JPG


A stunning location so cut off from the rest of the World.

Across the pacific.JPG

The Pacific

A vast Ocean where you can truly feel free.

Brazil Route.jpg


Back in the Atlantic and we head up the Brazilian coast into the Caribbean.

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